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Operative Vaginal Delivery Could Be Linked to Sexual Problems for New Mothers

Apr 20, 2016
Women who give birth by operative vaginal delivery are more likely to develop sexual problems after birth, a new study suggests.


How Common Is Prostate Cancer?

How Common Is Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Gerald Brock discusses the likelihood of acquiring prostate cancer.

Surgical Options For Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease?

Surgical Options For Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease?

Dr. Gregory Broderick hosts a discussion about the surgical options for the treatment of Peyronie's disease.

Indicators Of Low Testosterone

Indicators Of Low Testosterone

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler describes symptoms other than low sexual desire that accompany low testosterone.

FDA cautions about using testosterone products for low testosterone due to aging

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Interactive Resource on Penile Implant Surgery

This program covers everything patients need to know about the procedure: a basic overview the treatment, what results to expect from a penile implant, important questions for your doctor, and details on preparation and recovery.

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Important Resource for Men with Peyronie's Disease

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Statement on the link between 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and persistent sexual side effects

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