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Did You Know?

Low-Level Laser Therapy Not Recommended for Treatment of Provoked Vestibulodynia

Based on their findings, the study authors concluded that low-level laser therapy could not be recommended as a treatment for provoked vestibulodynia. However, they called for further research involving more PVD patients and different laser treatment methods.

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Sex Health Blog

How Do Women Feel About Orgasms?

Women’s orgasms can be mystifying. But that doesn’t stop researchers from learning more about them, even to the point of asking volunteers to pleasure themselves in an MRI machine for scientific study.

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Sex After Cancer

Preserving Sex Life and Fertility

Helping Cancer Patients with Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs.

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HSDD (Sexual Desire)

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) refers to a woman’s chronic or ongoing lack of interest in sex, to the point that it causes her personal distress or problems in her relationships.

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