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CPAP Device Does Not Interfere With Sex Life, Study Says

Nov 28, 2014

Researchers from Rosalind Franklin University wanted to know more about the sexual quality of life for compliant CPAP users (those who use their machine more than 4 hours a night for 70% of the time) and noncompliant users (those who use their machine less often). Does the machine really make a difference in people’s sex lives?

Fifty-two men participated in the study. For the most part, the men were in their fifties. Twenty-seven men were compliant CPAP users; the remaining 25 were not. The men completed a standardized assessment tool called the Sexual Life Quality Questionnaire.

After adjusting the data for confounding variables, such as age, body mass index, and the presence of ED, the researchers found that the men’s scores were similar, regardless of whether they were considered compliant or noncompliant.

“Despite the unsexy presence of PAP device in the bedroom, patients not compliant with CPAP do not have a better sexual quality of life than patients compliant with CPAP,” the authors explained.


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