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Conditions: Delayed Ejaculation

Causes - Delayed Ejaculation

Through a detailed medical/emotional/sexual history, as well as a physical (and possibly neurological) exam, a physician (typically an urologist) usually can determine the cause of a man’s delayed ejaculation.

Retarded ejaculation is often caused by:

  • Medication side-effects - Antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and blood pressure medications can slow the ejaculatory response. Retarded ejaculation is estimated to occur in 16-37% of men taking SSRIs (a type of antidepressant). Some research suggests that treatments for erectile dysfunction have also been shown, in some cases, to cause delayed ejaculation
  • Alcohol or illicit drug use
  • Neurological damage – Nerve damage caused by strokes and spinal cord injury or conditions such as multiple sclerosis can also create problems with achieving ejaculation
  • Psychological causes – Sexual performance anxiety, depression, relationship issues, etc. may cause delayed ejaculation
  • Conditioning by use of unique sexual stimulation may cause men to experience delayed ejaculation. This man may not gain a sufficient amount of penile stimulation during intercourse to achieve ejaculation. For example, a man who is used to masturbating with a very fast motion may find it difficult to climax with the slower process of intercourse.

Many experts believe that the majority of delayed ejaculation problems don't have an underlying physical cause since85% of men with either primary or secondary retarded ejaculation are able to achieve orgasm through masturbation. Therefore it is likely that these man do not have a significant physical problem that is causing their delayed ejaculation, but rather a psychological issue that needs to be addressed.

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