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After Prostate Cancer, Take Care of Your Relationship

Coping with prostate cancer and its treatment can be difficult for couples. Concerns about physical health are often combined with emotions – depression, anxiety, fear, and anger among them.

In the midst of the whirlwind, many couples put their relationships on the back burner. But this, more than ever, is the time to nurture their partnerships to keep them strong.

After Prostate Cancer, Take Care of Your RelationshipCouples may wonder how cancer and its treatment will affect their sex lives. Men usually have trouble with erections after treatment, and it can take some time and rehabilitation for those to improve. Fatigue and low desire are common, too. Some men feel anxious and less masculine if they can’t sexually perform the way they used to.

The situation also affects partners, who may want to maintain a physical connection, but are reluctant to bring up the subject. Both partners may miss the intimacy they shared.

However, there is no reason for intimacy to end. Here are some things to think about:

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