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Dimensions of Sex Toys

Dimensions of Sex ToysWhen choosing a sex toy, such as a vibrator or dildo, it’s important to keep size in mind.

Sex toys are available in a variety of places nowadays, from specialized sex shops to large retail stores. Some people purchase them at sex toy parties held in private homes or online. And some healthcare providers sell them at their offices.

However, some consumers don’t realize that such products, especially ones that are inserted into the vagina or anus, should fit well. If they don’t, they might cause pain or genital damage. Poorly-fitted products are also unlikely to help someone reach his or her sexual health goals.


When choosing a sex toy it’s important to keep size in mind. (Click to tweet)


Recently, researchers from Indiana University and California State University reviewed the selection of vibrators and dildos offered by eight retailers. Using the retailers’ websites, they took note of the length (inserted portion only) and circumference at the product’s thickest point.


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