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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Men with Type 1 Diabetes

ED in Men with Type 1 DiabetesErectile dysfunction (ED) is a frequent problem for diabetic men. Not only are they two to four times more likely to develop it compared to men without diabetes, they generally have more severe cases.

However, there are two types of diabetes to consider. Most diabetics have type 2, in which the pancreas makes insulin, but the body doesn’t use it efficiently. Type 1 occurs when the pancreas doesn’t make insulin at all. According to the American Diabetes Association, just 5% of diabetics have type 1. It is usually diagnosed in children and young adults and was formerly called juvenile diabetes.

In a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study, scientists looked at the history of ED in a group of 600 men with type 1 diabetes who were participants in larger trials. Their data covered up to 30 years of annual ED information from 1983 to 2012.

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