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Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Affect Sperm Count and Quality

The situation became more dramatic as the men’s drinking habits increased. Men who drank at least 25 units a week had significant declines in sperm count and quality. Those who consumed 40 units a week had a 33% drop in sperm concentration compared to men who had one to five drinks.

The study authors thought that perhaps excessive alcohol consumption hampered the production of sperm in these men. It’s also possible that the men who drank more had different health and lifestyle habits than those who drank less.

They were not sure whether reducing alcohol consumption would improve the count and quality of sperm.

“Young men should be advised that high habitual alcohol intake may affect not only their general but also their reproductive health,” the authors wrote.

The study was published in October in the journal BMJ Open.

Print this article or view it as a PDF file here: Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Affect Sperm Count and Quality


BMJ Open

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“Habitual alcohol consumption associated with reduced semen quality and changes in reproductive hormones; a cross-sectional study among 1221 young Danish men”

(Full-text. October 2, 2014)


Haelle, Tara

“Bro Alert: Too Much Booze May Harm Your Sperm”

(October 2, 2014)

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