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Did You Know?

Exercise and Sex Health | Did You Know?

SMSNA – Did You Know? – Exercise and Sexual Health

We’ve talked before about how sex can be good for your cardiovascular health and help you burn calories. But did you know that regular exercise can also lead to better sex?

Here’s how:

  • Endorphins. These neurotransmitters are released during exercise and help us feel calm and content. They may also speed up the arousal process and increase sexual pleasure.
  • Better body image. Keeping fit and healthy can make us feel more sexually desirable and confident.
  • Strength, flexibility, and endurance. Exercise keeps us strong, limber and energetic, making it easier to stay in our favorite sexual positions, try new ones, and enjoy sex for longer periods of time.
  • Exercise keeps blood pumping. In turn, this helps keeps our heart and blood vessels healthy, allowing for better blood flow to genital areas. This is especially important for men, as good blood flow is critical for getting and keeping an erection.
  • Exercise can help with other conditions that interfere with sex. Obesity, diabetes, and chronic pain – among other conditions – can all take a toll on our sex lives.
  • Less anxiety and depression. Many sexual and relationship problems are worsened by anxiety and depression. Exercise can help alleviate some of these issues.

So, if you find yourself grumbling about going to the gym, think again. A better sex life, along with better overall health, is a terrific reward. Your partner may thank you!

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Elderly man with a dumbell sitting on an exercise ball
National Institutes of Health
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons