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How Do Men and Women Respond to Sexually-Explicit Images?

How Do Men and Women Respond to Sexually-Explicit ImagesMen and women may automatically process sexually-explicit material in similar ways, but their subjective feelings can vary, according to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The researchers asked a group of heterosexual college students - 26 women and 30 men – to participate in a task during which images were displayed on a computer screen. Some images were romantic (such as a couple hugging), some were sexually-explicit (such as a couple having intercourse), and some were neutral (such as household objects). The images were randomly positioned one at a time in the center of a computer screen.

While the images were displayed, the participants identified a letter (N or Z) placed to the left or the right of the picture. Once they recognized the letter, they pressed the corresponding letter on a keyboard. Attention was assessed based on response times and correct letter identifications.

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