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How Many Women Have HSDD?

The researchers collected data from 701 women who were patients at 20 different primary care centers or OB/GYN clinics in the United States. While the general prevalence rate of HSDD was 7.4%, the condition was less common in minority women and postmenopausal women.  

Prevalence rates started to increase as women approached menopause. HSDD was more frequent for women in perimenopause, the years before menopause. During this time, women still menstruate, but their bodies start producing less estrogen, and many start having menopausal symptoms, like erratic periods and hot flashes. Most women go through perimenopause in their 40s.

HSDD prevalence was also higher in women who had just completed menopause. At this time, their ovaries stop releasing eggs altogether. The average age of menopause is 51.

Just over half of the women with HSDD talked to their doctor about it, however.

No matter how HSDD is assessed, women should know that there are treatments available. A complete medical checkup is a great place to start, as there might be an underlying health condition causing low desire. Hormonal therapies, sex therapy, and counseling can all help. The drug flibanserin (Addyi) is another possibility.

Want to learn more about HSDD? The links below can answer many of your questions, but don’t hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider, too.

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