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Men, Protect Your Testicles!

Men, Protect Your Testicles!The testicles (testes) play an important part in man’s sex life. Not only do they produce and store sperm cells, they also make testosterone, the hormone that drives libido and regulates male characteristics, like facial hair and muscle mass.

But the testicles are in a very vulnerable place, hanging down in the scrotum. This location helps regulate their temperature, but without bones or other substantial tissue, it leaves them open to painful injuries.

Testicular trauma - such as from an ill-thrown baseball, a kick during karate, a cycling accident, a gunshot or knife wound, or other sources - can rupture one or both testicles, dislocate them, or cause infections or inflammation.

That’s why it’s crucial for men to protect the area.

For starters, always wear a jockstrap or cup during sports.Doing so can protect your testicles and provide support during athletic events. Make sure the product you choose fits properly. (Don’t be too embarrassed to ask an expert if you have questions.)

Also, follow your common sense. Take extra care when riding a bike, motorcycle, or similar vehicle. Wear your seat belt in the car. Use caution when operating machinery.

Symptoms of testicular trauma are pain, swelling, bruising, fever, bleeding, and trouble with urination. If you think you have an injured testicle, see a doctor as soon as possible.


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(Reviewed: January 24, 2018)