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More Research Needed on Sildenafil/Skin Cancer Risk

Statistically, the risk is small. When considering the risk of developing the illness over time, the increase is 4.3 cases in every 1,000 men, according to the data from this study. This is 0.43%.

The study did not show that sildenafil causes skin cancer. However, the discovery could prompt more research.

Also, the study did not investigate other drugs used to treat ED, such as tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra), as these medications had not been approved at the time.

Men on sildenafil should continue taking their medication as prescribed by their doctor. They should also consult their doctor if they have any questions.

Many factors can increase the risk of melanoma, including fair or freckled skin, light-colored hair, and excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

Print this article or view it as a PDF file here: More Research Needed on Sildenafil/Skin Cancer Risk


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