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Most Couples Stay Sexually Active During Pregnancy

Most Couples Stay Sexually Active During PregnancyCouples may have sexual issues during pregnancy, but for the most part, sexual function and satisfaction “appear relatively normal,” researchers say.

They surveyed 52 heterosexual expecting couples who were either married or in committed relationships. The women were in their third trimester of pregnancy.

Each couple completed a questionnaire designed to evaluate sexual problems between partners. The questionnaire was tailored to men and women individually.

Women were more likely to have sexual problems than men. Some avoided intercourse, possibly because of pain, discomfort, or vaginismus (involuntary spasms in pelvic floor muscles). Women also tended to have more trouble communicating with their partners about their sexual needs.

“The combination of vaginismus (or [painful intercourse]) and a decrease in communication between partners is very likely to contribute to the decrease in sexual function and frequency that was found to be prevalent and distressing to the couples in this study,” the authors wrote.

According to the questionnaire results, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation were not problems for the men.

Still, about 65% of the couples were sexually active more than once a week.

If you and your partner are expecting, you may need to make some adjustments to your sexual routine. Don’t hesitate to talk about sexuality and your relationship. And feel free to ask your obstetrician about any concerns.

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