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One Course of Testicular Cancer Treatment Might Not Affect Sperm

“We found no clinically significant detrimental long-term effect in either total sperm number or sperm concentration, irrespective of the type of postoperative treatment received,” said lead researcher Dr. Kristina Weibring in a press release.

Men who underwent radiotherapy did see decreases in sperm number and concentration at the six-month follow up. However, both parameters recovered afterward.

“With the results of this study we can give the patients more adequate information on potential side effects from postoperative treatment. Testicular cancer patients are often young men wanting to father children at some point, and we find, in many cases, that the patients are afraid of the potential risk of infertility caused by chemotherapeutic treatment. These findings should provide some reassurance to them,” Dr. Weibring added.

The results are still considered preliminary, however, and more research is needed. Men may consider banking sperm before any treatment.


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