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Over 20% of Female Undergraduates are Sexually Assaulted, Survey Reports

  • Prevalence of sexual assault was highest among TGQN undergraduates, with 24% of students reporting incidents on the survey. Sixteen percent of TGQN graduate students said they’d been assaulted.
  • Twenty-three percent of undergraduate women and 9% of female graduate students said they had been assaulted.
  • Among the undergraduate women, 19% said they’d been sexually assaulted (either penetration or unwanted touching or kissing) by force. Twelve percent said the assault had occurred while they were incapacitated.
  • Men reported lower rates of assault – 5% for undergraduates and 2% for graduate students.
  • At 13%, Cal. Tech had the lowest rate of assaults among undergraduate women.
  • The University of Southern California and the University of Michigan had the highest rates at 30% each.
  • Only 25% of those who experienced forced penetration or attempted penetration reported the incident to authorities. For those who’d experienced forced sexual touching or kissing, the rate was 7%.

The complete survey may be accessed here.

Print this article or view it as a PDF file here: Over 20% of Female Undergraduates are Sexually Assaulted, Survey Reports


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