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Did You Know?

Penile Fracture is an Emergency

Penile fracture happens when the penis is erect. It can happen during vigorous sex, if men thrust too forcefully. Certain sex positions, like woman-on-top or rear-entry vaginal intercourse, can make the penis bend in an awkward way.

Dr. Tobias Kohler of the Mayo Clinic describes it this way:

"Penile fracture only occurs while a man has erections in combination with strong axial loading forces (female superior position) or violent lateral forces like with taqaandan (also taghaandan)."

Taqaandan is the practice of forcefully bending the shaft of an erect penis upward, downward, or sideways while holding the rest of the penis in place. It is common in Iran. Researchers have compared taqaandan to cracking one’s knuckles, and often a crack is heard. Men practice taqaandan for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a habit; others say it is pleasurable or provides a sense of release.

Dr. Kohler adds:

"The male human reproductive physiology and our current flaccid/erect state with arousal is thought to have evolved from the vulnerability of an os penis (a true bone in the penis) in quadrupeds when beginning to walk upright on hind legs. The older style penis protruding away from the body was extremely vulnerable to injury. In humans, the flaccid penis is protected from injury because of its smaller size and inherent compressibility."

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