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Did You Know?

Penis Captivus

Penis captivus happens when a man’s penis gets “stuck” in a woman’s vagina.

How does it happen?

One possible explanation involves anatomy. During intercourse, a man’s erect penis is filled with blood. When a woman has an orgasm, her pelvic muscles go through a series of contractions. Sometimes, the contractions cause the vaginal walls to clamp down on the penis, making it difficult for the man to withdraw.

Usually, penis captivus happens for only a few seconds. Once the woman finishes with her orgasm, her contractions stop. After the man ejaculates, blood leaves his penis and he loses his erection. At that point, he should be able to withdraw his penis from her vagina.

Fortunately, penis captivus is quite rare in humans. There have been some documented cases in which couples have needed medical attention, but most of the time, the situation resolves on its own within a few minutes.

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