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Did You Know?

Regular Exercise Important for Women’s Sexual Health

Regular Exercise Important for Women’s Sexual HealthYou might know that exercise is good for your sexual health. It keeps your blood pumping, maintains your strength and flexibility, and makes you feel good about yourself.

A March 2018 study published in Sexual Medicine Reviews tells us more about how this link between exercise and sexual health works, at least for women. They discussed both acute and chronic exercise.

Effects of acute exercise are the shorter-term results, such as a temporary increase in heart rate that happens while you run. Chronic exercise also has effects, but they take longer to see.

The researchers found that acute exercise can help regulate hormones, such as estrogen, which is essential for sexual arousal. Estrogen keeps vaginal tissue flexible and lubricated when a woman becomes aroused.

Exercise is also good for the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which also contributes to sexual arousal. The SNS is a component of the autonomic nervous system, the network that controls behind-the-scenes bodily processes like heart rate and blood pressure.

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