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Did You Know?

Sex and Blood Flow

Blood flow is important for keeping your sexual organs healthy.

You might already know how blood flow affects sexual response. When a man is sexually stimulated, his penis fills with blood, causing an erection. For men who have erectile dysfunction – the inability to achieve an erection suitable for sex – the problem often starts with insufficient blood flow to the penis.

Blood flow helps women, too. When woman is aroused, the blood flow to her clitoris increases, making it more sensitive to stimulation.

But there are other ways good blood flow helps us sexually. Blood transports hormones between our brain and genitals, which ensures that the proper “messages” for good sexual response and function are being sent back and forth.

Blood flow also helps trigger the production of pre-ejaculatory fluid in a man’s prostate gland. And it helps women with vaginal lubrication, which makes sex more comfortable.

Sexual Health and Improving Blood Flow

So, what’s one way to keep the blood flowing in these areas? Keep having sex.  Even “solo sex” done without a partner can help keep your genitals healthy so you can enjoy good sex for many more years.

And if you suspect you might be having sexual problems because of poor blood flow, be sure to see your doctor. Often, a symptom like erectile dysfunction can signal another condition, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Earlier detection and treatment of such issues can also improve your sex life.


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