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Did You Know?

Sex and Burning Calories

Sex can be great exercise and burns a number of calories.

How many calories?

Sources place that number between 85 and 250 for a half hour of sex.  But it could be even more.  A lot depends on the individual.

It also depends on how intense you are.  Generally, the more vigorous the sex, the more calories you burn.  So if you’re increasing your heartbeat and working up a sweat, you’re likely burning more calories than if you were taking things slow.

Some of the activities that lead to (or are part of) sex can help you burn even more calories.  Try dancing with your partner before you head to the bedroom.  Take more time to undress and add more involved kissing and massaging to your foreplay.

You can add some extra moves to your usual routine too.  Try different positions that allow you to flex your muscles.  Some experts suggest that couples include yoga positions, push-ups, and other muscle-toning exercises in their lovemaking.

And here’s another way to look at sex and calories.  Do you ever find that you eat more when you’re stressed?  Lots of people do.  But in addition to being good exercise, studies have shown that sex reduces stress.  If you’re feeling less stress, you’re less likely to consume extra calories in the first place.