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Did You Know?

Sex Boosts Immunity

Can having sex regularly really fight off the common cold? It’s possible. Sex might help out our immune systems and keep us from getting sick.

Dr. Carl Charnetski and Frank Brennan, researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, studied the connection between sexual frequency and immunity in 112 college students. The participants were divided into four groups according to how often they had sex: none, infrequent (less than once a week), frequent (once or twice a week), and very frequent (three or more times a week). 

Researchers also took saliva samples and analyzed them for levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), one of five types of antibodies that help your immune system fight off bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances that might cause you harm.

It turned out that the “frequent” group had higher levels of IgA in their saliva than the other three.

However, the students in the “very frequent” group had lower levels of IgA than the students who had no sex at all. Researchers weren’t sure why.

“My feeling is that the people in the very-frequent-sex group may be in obsessive or poor relationships that are causing them a lot of anxiety,” Dr. Charnetski told BBC News. “We know that stress and anxiety make IgA go down.”