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Did You Know?

Sex During Pregnancy

For most women, it is safe to have sex while pregnant.

Some couples worry that having sex during pregnancy will harm the baby or cause early labor.

But a woman’s body is designed to keep a developing baby safe. In the uterus, the baby is protected by amniotic fluid and the uterine muscles. The cervix is blocked with a mucous plug during pregnancy, shielding the baby from infection. During intercourse, a penis cannot touch the baby.

Orgasms can trigger uterine contractions, but they are not the same as going into labor.

There are some situations, however, when sex during pregnancy can be risky. These include:

·         Past miscarriage(s) or concern about miscarriage in this pregnancy

·         Past early labor(s)

·         Carrying twins, triplets, etc.

·         Placenta previa, when the placenta covers the cervix

·         Leaking amniotic fluid

·         Incompetent cervix, when the cervix dilates too early

·         Partner with a sexually-transmitted disease

If you have any questions about the safety of sex during your pregnancy, be sure to ask your doctor.

Many women experience changes in sex drive during pregnancy. You might find that you lose your interest in sex for a time. Or, your libido might increase. You might be too tired or find that some positions aren’t comfortable for you. This is a good time to experiment. Figure out what works best for you and your partner and, as always, keep the lines of communication open.