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Sex May Help the Aging Brain

Sex May Help the Aging BrainStaying sexually active after age 50 – and into the golden years – might be good for the brain, scientists say.

In a study of almost 7,000 adults between the ages of 50 and 89, researchers from Coventry University in the United Kingdom found that sexually active men and women had improved cognitive function compared to those who did not have regular sex.


Sexually active older men & women show improved cognitive function. Learn more... (Click to tweet)


The participants performed two tests. One was a number sequencing task. The other was a memory test involving word recall.

The scientists took a number of factors into account, including education levels, financial wealth, physical activity, depression, and loneliness.

Study subjects were considered sexually active if they had engaged in intercourse, masturbation, petting, or fondling during the previous twelve months. The average age of sexually-active participants was 64 years. Sexually-inactive participants were a bit older, with an average age of 73.


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