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Sizing a New Penis for Transgender Men

Sizing a New Penis for Transgender MenOne of the challenges of female-to-male gender transition surgery is the creation of a neophallus – a new penis – that is appropriately sized for sexual activity. Sometimes, the new penis is too large to penetrate a partner.

Why does this happen? Transgender men might request a neophallus that is larger than the average penis. Or, surgeons may create one that is just too large to be practical.

Generally, it’s the girth of the neophallus that presents the problem. A longer-than-average neophallus can still be inserted comfortably, if not fully.

After four transgender men sought revision surgery to reduce neophallus size, a team of medical researchers decided to determine some guidelines for girth.

They started by noting the dimensions of some of the bestselling realistic dildos sold by online retailers of sex toys,, and a brick-and-mortar sex toy shop in San Francisco.

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