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Too Much Endurance Exercise Might Not Be Not Good for Male Libido

Too Much Endurance Exercise Not Good for Male Libido

If men who regularly engage in unusually intense or long workouts find they’re losing interest in sex, they might want to consider how much they exercise.

New research reports that the intensity of a workout and the amount of time spent exercising might negatively affect a man’s libido.

The study focused on endurance exercise training. Endurance exercise, also called aerobic exercise, aims to increase heart and breathing rates. Examples include running, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Researchers surveyed 1,077 men about their general health, exercise habits, and sex drive.

They found that men who participated in extraordinarily intense exercise and worked out for unusuually long periods of time had lower libidos than men who exercised more moderately.

In an article on the study, Reuter’s Health reported that of the men with the lowest libidos, about 47% exercised more than 10 times a week, and 65% spent more than 10 hours a week working out.

Running was the most popular form of exercise among all the men.

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