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Did You Know?

Vacuum Erection Devices

Vacuum erection devices, or VEDs, have high rates of partner satisfaction.

VEDs are used by men with erectile dysfunction. They are unable to get suitable erections on their own for a variety of reasons, including complications from diabetes, spinal cord injury, or prostate cancer treatment.

While many men can take pills to treat erectile dysfunction, oral medication does not work for everyone. And some men, such as those who take nitrates, cannot take ED medications at all because of potential serious drug interactions.

Using a VED involves placing a clear plastic cylinder over the penis and using a pump to start the erection. Once that is achieved, an elastic ring is placed on the base of the penis to keep the erection rigid. This ring is removed after sex.

It may seem like an awkward setup and men may wonder how their partners will react. Will they be satisfied with an erection achieved this way?

Most likely, they will. In a recent review of studies on VEDs published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found high rates of partner satisfaction.

The studies analyzed showed that over 80% of partners were sexually satisfied when a man used a VED. Other studies reported that when a VED was used, relationships and self-esteem improved.

If you think a VED might be beneficial for you, be sure to see a urologist. Chances are, your partner will be satisfied with the results.


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