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Did You Know?

Want Better Erections? Create an Exercise Plan!

Want Better Erections? Create an Exercise Plan!Regular exercise is good for men’s erections. But how much exercise does a man need to see benefits in the bedroom?

Experts recommend 160 minutes a week.

More specifically, researchers suggest 40 minutes of supervised, moderate aerobic activity four times a week for at least six months, according to a 2018 Sexual Medicine study.

The recommendation is based on a review of 10 medical studies related to exercise in men with ED linked to physical inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, or symptoms of metabolic syndrome, which can include high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Why does exercise help? Physical activity benefits cardiovascular health by keeping the heart strong and the blood pumping. Good blood flow to the penis is critical for a firm erection.

It’s okay to add intervals of vigorous intensity to a moderate-intensity workout, the authors said. Resistance training can be part of the mix, too.

Ready to hit the gym? Before you do, it’s a good idea to see your doctor to discuss a viable exercise plan, especially if you aren’t very physically active. You may need to start slow and build up your workout routine. Your doctor can also suggest specific activities that will help you reach your goal.

You may discover that better overall health – in addition to better sex – is the end result.


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