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Conditions: Erectile Dysfunction

Estrogen, Metabolic Syndrome, and Erectile Function

How might this apply to humans patients? As clinicians, it’s important to encourage the management of metabolic syndrome. As appropriate, we can guide our patients to follow healthier diets, exercise more, maintain a healthier weight, and control their blood sugar and cholesterol.

Taking these steps may help sustain their erectile function over time as well as reduce the risk of chronic medical conditions.

Print this article or view it as a PDF file here: Estrogen, Metabolic Syndrome, and Erectile Function


The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Vignozzi, Linda, MD, PhD, et al.

“Estrogen Mediates Metabolic Syndrome-Induced Erectile Dysfunction: A Study in the Rabbit”

(Full-text. First published online: September 21, 2014)

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