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Conditions: Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile DysfunctionPeyronie’s disease (PD), a condition marked by plaques that form just below the skin of the penis, can affect men in different ways. The most notable symptom is curvature of the penis, but men may also have pain or penile shortening. Psychological and emotional issues are also common, especially if the man is unable to have intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is another common problem for men with PD. Studies have shown that between 22% to 54% of men with PD also have problems getting an erection firm enough for sex. (The wide range is due to the variety of ED definitions and criteria used by researchers.)

Unfortunately, scientists aren’t sure why so many men with PD also have ED. It’s also difficult to assess given the many factors that affect erectile function, such as aging and comorbid conditions like diabetes and heart disease.


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