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Conditions: Erectile Dysfunction

Seed Brachytherapy and Erectile Function

In a recent study published in Radiotherapy and Oncology, Australian researchers considered these questions in regard to a group of 366 patients who underwent seed brachytherapy. The men ranged in age from 42 to 80 (mean age 62) at the time of their seed implant and did not receive any other type of prostate cancer treatment during the study period. The mean follow-up period was 41 months.

Using the 5-item International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), the researchers assessed the men’s erections both before and after treatment. At the start of the study, 76% of the men had normal erectile function and 24% had mild ED. Five percent of the men used phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors (PDE5i) before treatment.

After treatment, 39% of the men said they were using PDE5i medication for ED.

The authors determined that the overall 5-year actuarial rate of erectile function (EF) preservation was 59%. This percentage of men had “no worse than mild ED.”


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