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Conditions: Erectile Dysfunction

Vascular Surgery - Erectile Dysfunction

What is artery bypass surgery used for ED?

Artery bypass surgery, also known as penile revascularization, is a treatment for ED that is designed to bypass blocked arteries that limit blood flow to the penis thus causing ED. In this surgery, an artery is transferred from another area of the body (usually the abdomen), to a penile artery in an effort to create a new path for blood flow to the penis that bypasses the blocked or injured vessel. Therefore, the specific objective of artery bypass surgery is to increase artery blood flow to the erection tissue of the penis.

This procedure is most commonly used in men who have experienced a penile vessel injury caused by events such as trauma, pelvic fracture or surgery.

Artery bypass surgery is a treatment that has the potential to permanently cure patients of ED, allowing men to spontaneously develop erections without the need for any ED medications or internal/external devices.


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