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Conditions: Erectile Dysfunction

Vascular Surgery - Erectile Dysfunction

What is vein ligation surgery for ED?

Sometimes veins in the penis can leak, preventing it from staying erect. Venous ligation surgery attempts to correct this problem by blocking off veins (ligation) that normally allow blood to leave the penis. By creating an intentional blockage in blood flow out of the penis, this reduction in the leakage of blood is aimed at increasing the rigidity of the penis during an erection. Leakage of blood from the penis is the result of damage to the structure of the erection tissue. Thus, this form of surgery does not address the underlying cause but more the symptoms of leakage. To date, there is no evidence that vein ligation surgery has success in the long-term cure of ED due to venous leak. Thus, most authorities currently do not advocate venous ligation surgery. There is one group of men in whom there is renewed interest in such surgery. Preliminary evidence suggests that young men who have a specific form of leak (isolate crural venous leak) may benefit from a specific form of surgery (crural ligation/exclusion surgery). Patients are candidates for this surgery if they have this special form of leak proven usually requiring a test called cavernosography. At this time, very few centers in the USA have experience in this procedure.

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