Program Overview

Welcome! On behalf of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) we are thrilled that you are interested in or have chosen to complete a fellowship at an SMSNA Endorsed Fellowship Program. In addition to the great talent, information, and experience you may be exposed to within a Fellowship Program, the SMSNA Fellowship Program offers access to curriculum and resources across the field of sexual medicine. This includes a series of core and elective courses on sexual medicine topics available online, a series of live and recorded webinars, and opportunities within SMSNA to serve on a committee, moderate a session at an SMSNA meeting, get involved in journal reviews, and of course access to a network of leading experts in sexual medicine.

The SMSNA Fellowship Program is an assessment-based certificate program for SMSNA endorsed fellowship programs within North America. As a professional society, the SMSNA endorses programs that meet or exceed identified standards within sexual medicine training programs and provides oversight for fellows at these institutions to ensure that the curriculum and experience also meet the standards of sexual medicine specialty training. The program does not offer fellows a professional certification and/or license, nor does it offer a credential or accreditation. Rather it awards a certificate to those participants who meet the performance, proficiency, or standards identified and assessed.  

Why seek a fellowship at an endorsed SMSNA Fellowship Program?

  • Complimentary SMSNA membership during the fellowship program
  • Opportunities for advanced clinical education, professional mentorship, and roles within the SMSNA, such as serving on a committee, moderating, presenting research, or speaking at an SMSNA meeting, reviewing or submitting journal articles; and more…
  • Confidence that the program provides the specialty training to support a career in sexual medicine post fellowship
    • Competitive advantage in a growing area of sexual medicine where trained physicians remains proportionately small in comparison to other specialty areas
    • High patient demand for qualified and trained providers in this field

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