Program Overview

The SMSNA Fellowship Program is an assessment-based certificate program for sexual medicine fellowship programs and their respective fellows within North America. As a professional society, the SMSNA endorses programs that meet or exceed identified standards within sexual medicine training programs. In conjunction with the program, the SMSNA offers a series of core and elective courses online, a series of live and recorded webinars, and opportunities to become more involved in the activities of the SMSNA. The program does not offer fellows a professional certification and/or license, nor does it offer a credential or accreditation. Rather it awards a certificate to those participants who meet the performance, proficiency, or standards identified and assessed.   

Why seek endorsement as an SMSNA Fellowship Program?

  • The SMSNA is recognized as a scientific society in the field of sexual medicine/health, and endorsement is evidence that a fellowship program has been objectively vetted and meets or exceeds a high standard for the practice of sexual medicine.
  • Programs are acknowledged on the SMSNA website.
  • A limited number of SMSNA endorsed fellowships allow programs to stand-out.
  • Pre- and post-learning assessments provide valuable data which can be used to promote the program, make programmatic improvements or decisions, etc.
  • Aggregated data across all endorsed fellowship programs will be made available as a mechanism for evaluating a program and providing feedback on its strengths and weaknesses.
  • The SMSNA and SMSNA Foundation provide funding opportunities and access to resources exclusively for SMSNA fellowship programs.

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