SMSNA Foundation Research Grants

The SMSNA Foundation is committed to advancement in the field of sexual medicine and mentorship of the next generation of sexual medicine specialists. To further this goal, the Foundation sponsors granted funding in the following three areas:

  • Dyadic/Couples' Issues in Sexual Medicine

  • Sexual Health Disparities and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion in Sexual Medicine

  • Sexual Wellness and Dysfunction

    This grant program has been discontinued.

Past Recipients

Sexual Medicine with a focus on the Couples' Perspective
Raevti Bole, MD, MA
Developing a Sexual Therapy Education Framework for Patients Seeking Penile Prosthesis

Sexual Medicine with a focus on sexual health disparities
Nora Renthal, MD, PhD
Duchenne Research, Education, and Attitudes about Mental and Sexual (DREAMS) Health Study

Sexual Wellness and Dysfunction
Aymara Evans, MS
Modulation of Depressive Symptoms after Penile Prosthesis

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