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Conditions: HSDD

Addyi: Information for Healthcare Providers

What is HSDD and how is it diagnosed?

HSDD is a persistent lack of sexual desire that causes distress or problems in personal relationships. Women with HSDD don’t fantasize about sex and aren’t sexually excited by their partner. This lack of interest cannot be explained by another health situation (such as pregnancy or menopause), medication (such as antidepressants), or psychological issue (such as anxiety or relationship stress).

The Decreased Sexual Desire Screener (DSDS) is a simple tool that can help you assess a patient’s symptoms. You might also consider asking her questions such as:

·         Might she be approaching menopause?

·         Could she be pregnant?

·         What medications does she take?

·         What is her relationship with her partner like?

·         Does she feel stressed at work or at home?

·         Does she feel overwhelmed by work, childcare, or eldercare responsibilities?

·         Has she always felt this way? Or have her symptoms started recently?

·         Does she lack desire for all sexual activity? Or just certain activities?

·         Is she sexually interested in her partner? Other partners? Or no partners?

Keep in mind that Addyi is approved only for women with acquired, generalized HSDD. For women with acquired HSDD, symptoms occur after a period of healthy sexual interest. Generalized HSDD happens in all sexual scenarios, regardless of the type of sexual activity or the partner.


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