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Conditions: HSDD

Causes - HSDD

HSDD is a complicated disorder with a number of possible causes. Sometimes, several underlying conditions contribute to HSDD all at once. There can be physical causes, such as hormonal fluctuations or surgery that changes a woman’s body image. There can also be psychological and emotional causes. Many women associate a positive emotional connection with their partner with pleasurable sex, so negative changes in a relationship can trigger a lack of interest.

Physical Conditions

Many illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and coronary artery disease, can weaken a woman’s sex drive. Similarly, many medications, like those taken for depression and high blood pressure, can decrease her libido. Even fatigue can take its toll. A woman may just be too exhausted to want sex.

Women may experience lower sex drive during menopause, when levels of estrogen – a hormone that boosts libido – fall substantially. Women can also see testosterone levels drop during menopause. Testosterone is usually associated with a man’s sex drive, but it affects women, too.

Also, hormonal changes during and after pregnancy can make a woman less interested in sex.

Psychological and Emotional Conditions

A number of psychological and emotional factors can affect a woman’s sex drive. She may have anxiety, depression, or poor self-esteem. She might be under a lot of stress. Or, she might be a victim of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or rape.

Problems in her relationship can also be a factor. If her partner has been unfaithful or deceitful, her lack of trust may make her less interested in sex. Low sex drive might result if she and her partner don’t communicate well or haven’t resolved a fight. She and her partner might not have satisfactory sex to begin with because they don’t talk about their needs or what they like in bed. They might not know how to talk about it or are too embarrassed to do so. That can fuel low libido, too.

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