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Conditions: HSDD

Treating HSDD

There are many ways to treat HSDD. Just as a combination of factors can cause the disorder, a combination of treatments can be beneficial.

Treatments for the physical causes depend on the individual. For example, changes in medication or diabetes control may be in order. A woman might need to make some lifestyle changes to combat stress and fatigue.

Some women also benefit from counseling or sex therapy. Specialists can help them cope with any past sexual trauma. They can help women improve their self-esteem and understand their relationships with their partners. Women can learn how to talk about sex with confidence and express their needs and concerns to their partners. They might also introduce ways to make intimacy a bigger priority – and more interesting.

Hormonal Therapies

Some women find estrogen therapy helpful. Estrogen is sex hormone that affects libido, among other functions. It can be administered with a pill or through the skin with a patch or gel. This type of therapy, called systemic estrogen therapy, helps the brain make its needed chemical connections to increase desire. Local estrogen therapy can be applied through a vaginal cream or ring. This increases blood flow to the vagina and stimulates arousal.

In some cases, doctors prescribe a combination of estrogen and progesterone to women with HSDD.

Testosterone is another hormone that affects the sex drives of both men and women. However, testosterone therapy is currently not FDA approved for women in the United States. Studies have shown that side effects like extra hair growth or hair loss, acne, liver problems, and enlargement of the clitoris are possible.

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