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Study: More Men Than Women Bothered by Peyronie’s Disease

Mar 22, 2020

Peyronie’s disease can deeply affect both men and their female sexual partners, according to a recent study.

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Testosterone Levels Have Fallen in Younger Men

Mar 15, 2020

In the United States, testosterone levels have declined in adolescent and young adult men since 1999, according to a recent study.

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Online Intervention Provides Couples Support After Prostate Cancer

Mar 10, 2020

Scientists have developed a web-based intervention that could help couples coping with sexual dysfunction after a man’s prostate cancer treatment.

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Most Transgender Women Happy With Breast Implants

Mar 03, 2020

A recent study of transgender women found that most participants were satisfied with breast augmentation surgery, although a third said their implants caused health issues.

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Arousal Incontinence a Concern After Prostatectomy

Feb 25, 2020

Arousal incontinence – urine leakage when a man is sexually aroused - is common after radical prostatectomy, researchers report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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Medication and Traction Help Men with Peyronie’s Disease

Feb 19, 2020

Medication combined with traction therapy could offer men with Peyronie’s disease an effective, low-cost treatment option.

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Similarities Found Among Transgender and Cisgender Children

Feb 02, 2020

A child’s assigned gender at birth, and that child’s early birth gender experiences, don’t always mean a child will identify as that gender later on, according to new research.

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Many Doctors Not Trained in Post-Cancer Sex Health

Jan 28, 2020

Research suggests that healthcare providers often don’t discuss sex health after treatment with their patients.

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Birth Control Pills for Men are Possible, Studies Suggest

Jan 21, 2020

Birth control pills may eventually be available for men, scientists say.

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Peyronie’s Disease: More Men Receiving CCH Injections

Jan 15, 2020

More men with Peyronie’s disease are being treated with injections of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) than surgery, according to recent research.

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