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After Penis and Scrotum Transplant, Vet Doing Well

After Penis and Scrotum Transplant, Vet Doing WellA U.S. veteran who received a penis and scrotum transplant in March 2018 has recovered well from his surgery, according to his medical team.

The man, who goes by the pseudonym Ray, lost both legs and most of his genitals after stepping on an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

Now, his erections are almost normal, he can ejaculate, and he has a strong urine flow, his doctors reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. His new penis also feels sensations.

While penis transplants had been done before, Ray’s surgery was the first time a penis, scrotum, and part of an abdominal wall were transplanted. (Testicles were not transplanted.)

His new genitals came from a deceased man, whose family agreed to the donation. Finding donors for penis transplants can take time, as surgeons aim to match age and skin tone as closely as possible.

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