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After Prostate Cancer Treatment, Climacturia Rates Vary

Prostate Cancer Treatment, Climacturia Rates VaryClimacturia – urine leakage with ejaculation – is a lesser-known but still frequent problem for men who have been treated for prostate cancer, experts report in a new study.

Past research suggests that 20% to 44% of patients experience climacturia after radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate gland). Less information is available about the prevalence of climacturia after radiation therapy.

In this study, researchers investigated climacturia rates after both forms of treatment. They also looked at how bothersome the condition is for patients and partners.

They analyzed data from 1,117 men who were patients at the same sexual medicine clinic. All of the patients were able to ejaculate (reach orgasm), and 192 had been treated for prostate cancer with prostatectomy, radiation therapy, or a combination of both surgery and radiation. The rest of the men had not had treatment for prostate cancer.

The men answered questions about their medical histories and experiences with climacturia.

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