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Aromatase Inhibitors Linked to Low Sexual Desire, Bowel Problems

Feb 19, 2018

After analyzing the data, the scientists found that low desire and bowel issues were more common in women who took AIs.

Over half the women who were using AIs could be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), a persistent lack of sexual interest with distress. For women who didn’t use AIs, the rate was 38%.

Taking the HSDD investigation one step further, the researchers also looked at HSDD rates specifically for women who were sexually active. (In this study, a woman was considered sexually active if she had had sex within the previous four weeks.) Among this subgroup, 67% of AI users and 44% of AI non-users had HSDD.

Even after age was factored in, the association between AI use and HSDD remained.

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