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Benzocaine Wipes Might Help Men with Premature Ejaculation

Benzocaine is a local topical anesthetic commonly used to treat pain or itching. Previous studies have tested topical anesthetics before, but those therapies were not found to be effective.

This study involved 21 men with premature ejaculation who were in heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Fifteen of them were assigned to use benzocaine wipes; the rest used placebo wipes with no anesthetic. The men also answered questions about their sexual function.

After two months, the men using the wipes saw improvements in their ejaculatory time, with many of them taking two minutes or longer to climax. These men also said they could better control their ejaculation and felt less sexual distress and more sexual satisfaction when compared to the placebo group.

"This study is encouraging in demonstrating a new and innovative way to reduce the symptoms of premature ejaculation," said AUA spokesperson Tobias S. Köhler, MD, MPH, FACS. "Premature ejaculation can cause a variety of issues related to negative feelings and emotions that can lead to problems with sexual relationships. This data shows topical 4% benzocaine wipes is a promising therapy to treat the most common form of sexual dysfunction among men."

While the study results are encouraging, benzocaine is still not an approved treatment for PE. Men who have trouble with ejaculation should see their urologist.

The study was funded by the Veru Healthcare, the manufacturer of the benzocaine wipes.


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