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Electrical Nerve Stimulation Might Help Women with Sexual Problems

Electrical Nerve Stimulation Might Help Women with Sexual ProblemsPlacing electrodes on the ankle may not sound like it would help a woman’s sexual function, but scientists say it’s a path worth pursuing.

Between 40% and 45% of women have some degree of sexual dysfunction, such as poor lubrication, low desire, or trouble reaching orgasm. Unfortunately, these symptoms aren’t always easy to treat.

Researchers from the University of Michigan were intrigued to learn that a process called neuromodulation – stimulating certain nerves through electrodes – could benefit women with bladder problems. The stimulation helps nerve cells work together for better bladder control.

The nervous system is a complex network. Nerves associated with pelvic organs branch out from the spinal cord, and some appear to overlap with nerves in the foot. This is why the ankle became an area of interest.

Some women who underwent neuromodulation for bladder issues reported sexual improvements. The research team wondered whether this would be the case for women without bladder problems.

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