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Emotional Aspects of Sex Important for Midlife Women

Sep 06, 2017

What did women think about treatment for sexual problems? Most thought behavioral approaches, like talk therapy with a counselor or a support group, would be most beneficial, as long as participants felt comfortable talking about sex. Some thought that medication could be helpful, but worried about side effects. Combining therapy and medication could work as well, some said, if the approaches were tailored to a woman’s specific issue.

These findings could help doctors when treating women’s sexual health, the authors wrote, noting that clinical trials on pharmaceutical treatments have not fully addressed emotional aspects of sex for women. Research “emphasizes that women do not participate in sexual activity solely to fulfill physical needs; they also are filling emotional needs,” they said.

“Overall, women want options in treatments for female sexual dysfunction so they can make an informed choice based on their individual needs and values,” the authors added.


The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Thomas, Holly N., MD, MS, et al.

“Patient-Centered Outcomes and Treatment Preferences Regarding Sexual Problems: A Qualitative Study Among Midlife Women”

(Full-text. First published online: June 21, 2017)

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