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Female Sex Health Dialogue Continues

Dec 15, 2014

The situation has prompted campaigns to bring awareness to female sexual dysfunction in general and HSDD in particular. These include and Such groups point out that while numerous sexual health medications have been approved for men, none have been approved for women.

The campaigns are not without their critics. Last month, sexologists Ellen Laan of the University of Amsterdam and Kinsey Institute and Leonore Tiefer of the New York University School of Medicine wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “We were horrified by the campaigns’ use and abuse of the language of equality to pressure the FDA to approve a potential billion-dollar blockbuster ‘pink Viagra.’”

Laan and Leonore explain that the campaigns’ use of “26-0” to represent 26 male treatments vs. 0 for women is misleading. The 26 male treatments, they say, includes several versions of similar drugs, some of which contain testosterone, a hormone that has come under scrutiny in treatments for men because of safety concerns.


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