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Fewer Men Receiving Penile Implants

Aug 17, 2015

Semi-rigid malleable rods are another option. With this type of implant, the man moves his penis into an erect position before intercourse.

Implants are usually considered a last resort for men who do not respond to other treatments like medication or vacuum devices.  It’s also an option for men who are unable to take medication because of drug interactions.

To learn more about penile implant trends, the researchers looked at Medicare records in the United States. Medicare is the main form of health insurance for Americans age 65 and older.

The team identified 1,763,260 men who were diagnosed with ED. Of those, 3% received penile implants during that time period.

But the numbers dropped as well. In 2002, 4.6% of the men got implants. By 2010, this percentage decreased to 2.3%.


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