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Hormone Kisspeptin Linked to Sexual Arousal

Hormone Kisspeptin Linked to Sexual ArousalA hormone called kisspeptin might eventually be useful in the treatment of pychosexual and mood disorders, new research suggests.

The hormone could be involved with sexual behaviors, but more research is needed, scientists say.

Produced in the brain by the hypothalamus, kisspeptin triggers a series of chemical processes that ultimately results in production of the sex hormones testosterone and oestradiol and, in turn, the production of sperm and egg cells. It is sometimes called the “master regulator of reproduction.” (The hormone was discovered in 1996 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of the Hershey Company, which is known for its chocolate kisses candy.)

Researchers from Imperial College London wanted to know more about kisspeptin’s effects on the resting brain. “At rest” refers to times when the brain is not focused on a particular task.

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