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How Does Testicle Removal Affect a Man’s Sex Life?

How Does Testicle Removal Affect a Man’s Sex Life?A new study has examined sexual function and quality of life for survivors of bilateral testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer affects the testicles (or testes), two small glands located in the scrotum. The testes are responsible for producing sperm cells and male sex hormones like testosterone.

One way oncologists classify testicular cancer is by its location. Unilateral cancer affects just one testicle. Bilateral cancer affects both testicles, either at once or at separate times. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, about 2% of men with testicular cancer have the bilateral type.

Some men have one or both testicles surgically removed in a procedure called an orchiectomy. Men who have one remaining testicle usually have normal sexual function afterward, as the testicle can still make enough testosterone and sperm on its own. But if both testicles are removed, the lack of testosterone can lead to sexual problems like low desire and erectile dysfunction (ED). Men will also become infertile if both testicles are removed.

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